APTIM manages complex government and private sector programs with a strategy rooted in tactical planning, operational excellence and proven project delivery and control systems. We apply successful program and project management methods in thousands of federal, state and local government programs, including infrastructure improvement, energy efficiency programs and private sector programs.

Services include:

  • Emergency response and recovery
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Energy consulting & asset management
  • Resiliency & sustainability solutions
  • Program management for coastal, ports, marine and transportation projects
  • Military base and facilities management


Supply Chain Management


APTIM’s supply chain management is comprehensive, from sourcing, purchasing and transportation logistics to inventory control, inspection and quality assurance. Every product and service complies with quality and safety requirements


We have strong relationships with key suppliers, manufacturers and service providers in a variety of industries. We use competitive bidding and negotiate long-term agreements to obtain optimal prices for materials and services. We also do our homework, extensively researching markets and suppliers to ensure we prepare accurate estimates including the best products and prices.


We believe every member of a project team shares some responsibility for the supply chain management. Our engineers work with clients to select technologies and equipment that best meet project and cost requirements. Our project managers and procurement staff synchronize project schedules, materials orders and shipping logistics to minimize work delays. Our logistics and safety experts ensure potentially hazardous materials are transported and handled safely and responsibly. We also design projects and train employees to ensure construction materials are not wasted.


We maintain engineering, design and purchasing records on every facility and piece of equipment we supply to research, manufacture or locate and ship parts after a project is complete. We provide everything from bushings, nuts and bolts to vessels, reactors, piping and instrumentation. We can provide special tagging, export crating, documentation and rush shipping to virtually any location in the world.


Mission Critical Support Services


APTIM provides comprehensive solutions to help U.S. government clients maintain and operate large mission-critical facilities and functions, including:


Services include:

  • Facility maintenance and repair
  • Roads and grounds maintenance
  • Utility operations and maintenance
  • Logistics support
  • Transportation services
  • Vehicle and material maintenance
  • Supply and service operations
  • Environmental remediation and restoration
  • Emergency response
  • Fire and ambulance emergency services
  • Laboratory operations
  • Research and development
  • Rocket launch operations
  • Ammunition supply point services
  • Military base security services
  • Military munitions response program


Emergency Management and Disaster Response


APTIM’s experienced team has helped businesses and governments work through multiple challenges following a disaster, including initiatives related to property damage, environmental damage and economic disruption. Our methods are comprehensive and cost-effective, incorporating technology and innovation with in-house resource allocation.


APTIM leverages resources and experience to help clients develop emergency plans, business continuity plans and standard operating procedures to manage disaster. We are capable of quickly delivering equipment, materials and professional response employees from strategically located facilities across the U.S. We are experienced managing large programs and developing long-term planning to rebuild communities and companies.


Services include:

  • Strategic policy advice
  • Staff augmentation for emergency operations
  • Continuity of operations
  • Continuity of government
  • Business continuity planning
  • Interoperable emergency communication
  • Hazardous materials response
  • Innovative housing solutions
  • Disaster financial services
  • Long-term recovery


Waste & Wastewater


APTIM’s state-of-the-art water treatment technologies are developed in our laboratories. They are designed to reduce total waste treatment costs while providing greater treatment consistency and a smaller footprint.


We provide erosion and sediment control services, such as innovative and cost-effective approaches to storm water treatment, for site developers and construction project contractors.


Additional services include:

  • Water quality investigations and evaluations
  • Permitting and regulatory compliance
  • Groundwater assessment and remediation
  • Water/wastewater treatment system design and construction
  • System rehabilitation
  • Storm water management
  • Development and application of patented treatment technologies for substances such as perchlorate and methyl tertiary butyl ether
  • Design and construction management



APTIM helps retail customers establish and implement energy management and sustainability programs that save money, generate a positive return on investment and improve business performance.

Services include:

  • Strategic Energy Management Plan (SEMP) based on customer-defined goals
  • Benchmarking portfolios of assets to support energy investment and compliance
  • ASHRAE Level I, II and III energy audits
  • Retro-commissioning services
  • Rebate and incentive management
  • Sustainability planning